What is Green Cleaning?

Green Cleaning is the use of of effective cleaning practices and products that protect human health and the environment.

Benefits of Going Green:
Reduces Illness
Less exposure to harsh chemicals means improved indoor air quality and lower illness rates.
Improved Cleaning Efficiency
Green cleaning products work just as well, if not better, than traditional cleaning products.

Environmentally Friendly
Green products and methods reduce the negative impact of cleaning on the environment, such as indoor air quality. many also have less packaging than traditional cleaning chemicals,which means less waste.

Cost Control
Use of green products keeps costs down   because they are concentrated, which means a small amount of chemical can go a long way.
What is the Green EnviroMaids green cleaning method?
  • We use microfiber cloths to keep dust from becoming airborne in your house or property. 
  • We use microfiber mops and color-coded cloths that use less water and chemicals, and help prevent cross-contamination. 
  • We use cleaning chemicals that meet the standards set by Green Seal (greenseal.com). 
  • We use vacuums that have HEPA filters to prevent dust and other contaminants from re-entering the air.
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Welcome to Green Enviro-Maids Green Cleaning Services
We offer Green Cleaning Services for both residential and corporate clients in Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina. Our services are available on a weekly, bi-weekly and one time basis for residential clients. Medium, short and long term arrangements for commercial facilities.